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Business Outsourcing


RADIX has since it’s inception been supporting businesses through their lifecycle. Whether it is a temporary outsourcing of some of the functions during the first years, or whether it is meant for the longer term so that management can focus on other key areas, our firm is fully equipped with teams of professionals to assist our clients in achieving their business goals.

Ranging from accounting, financial reporting and forecasts, to human resources management and compliance reporting, RADIX takes pride in providing peace of mind on financial matters, rendering services in a timely manner either remotely or physically at clients’ offices. We strive to exceed client expectations by regularly training our staff on both technical and non-technical aspects, so that they are capable of carrying out outsourced duties seamlessly and be of added value.

Our vast experience on an individual level, and our tightly knit professional teams, make it possible to ensure that outsourced functions are made more robust, provide clearer information to management and are suited in a way so that management can harness them to expand their business, whether this is locally or overseas.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

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VAT Compliance

VAT Returns, Recapitulative Declarations
MOSS Returns,
EU VAT Refund Claims

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Payroll and HR

Payroll Management
Work Permit


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Clinton Cutajar
Director, Co-Founder

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